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This is what adults and adolescents have said about playing Survival:

"I've had the opportunity to play Survival with adults - It was educational, engaging, and a lot of fun! Some of my Middle Level students also played this game and they have truly enjoyed it!" - Susan Ludington, Middle Level Science Teacher

"A fun, educational game that helps bring global awareness closer to the younger population. Playing Survival helps students understand how our life style choice can/will effect future life on this planet." - Marc Chamberlain, Para Educator.

"Once you learn how to play it is FUN. It just takes about 1 game to learn." - Avery, 14

"Without plants in the world we would die." - Nathan, 12

"There are a lot of evil things in the world. It is a mystery game. You never know who is who until they get eliminated." - Cassidy, 12

"I think this game really represents the environment and the problems in our world " - Andrea, 12

"I learned about the environment that everything works together and that lots of things can ruin the environment. We need lots of things to survive." - Hannah, 11

"I liked this game because you learn what things we need to live on this planet and what things we need to cut down on or bring to a stop totally, or else we will destroy our planet. " - Kiara, 14

"The evil forces in the game are factors that are slowly killing our world not just in the game. They are real problems." - Jasmin, 14

"Awesome game filled with secrecy and evil. " - Adam, 14

"I learned that people do a lot of damage to the environment. Survival is the best card game on planet Earth." - Daniel, 12

"Scientists rock!" - Andrew, 12

"I really like Survival because it teaches us that we need to worry about the environment." - Shelby, 11

"If one resource goes away, they all advertently go away." - Morgan, 13

"Survival was really fun. It's one of the best games I've played." - Katie, 12

I think that when you play Survival you realize that the bad things on Earth can do a lot to us and we good people need to come together and make it so consump-tion, over population, greediness, and those things aren't a problem on Earth." Natalie, 11



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